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Hear Prof Sally McArthur, Director, Swinburne Innovation Precinct Swinburne University of Technology, discuss wound infection, and how biotechnology can offer solutions to wounds that linger over time.  Prof McArthur will present Controlling Biology at Surfaces: Exploring the effects of micro/nanostructure and chemistry on bacterial adhesion on Wednesday 26 October at IBS 2016.

Stem cells on their best behaviour, with DECRA Fellow Dr Peng-Yuan Wang, Swinburne University, and Dr Hang Ta, University of Queensland

A transformation of contemporary medical therapies is promised by stem cell research, offering breakthroughs in replenishing damaged cells in the body. Discover how Dr Wang investigates the surface properties of stem cells and how Dr Ta "homes" stem cells to treat cardiovascular disease. 

Nanostructured biomaterials for tissue regeneration with Prof Laura Cipolla, Milano-Bicocca University

How do researchers design biomaterials to establish key and controlled interactions with cells to induce the body's innate powers of self-repair? 

Distinguished Prof Margaret Brimble, Chair of Organic Chemistry and Director of Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Auckland

Professor Brimble’s lecture will focus of her research – the synthesis of bioactive natural products and the synthesis of peptides, lipopeptides and glycopeptides as potential therapeutic agents.

Prof Gust to reflect on biotech industry past

Experienced in the prevention of hepatitis and AIDS that earned him an the Order of Australia and part of the team that transformed CSL into a major publically listed company, Professorial Fellow Ian Gust will deliver messages useful to people seeking global success in science, academia and start-ups.

Improving 'last resort' antibiotics: Dr Kade Roberts, Senior Research Scientist, Monash University

Dr Roberts will discuss how he and fellow team members of the Li Lab are developing novel, safer polymyxins for treating dangerous ‘super-bugs’, which represent a major global health problem. 

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